Book Trailer: Inventive Ways to Promote Your Book

Coming from a film background, I never separated the idea of making films from my writing.  That was always the plan, to promote my films via my books.  But I never thought of making a book trailer to actually promote my writing. 

As savvy as I thought I was, it wasn’t until my blindness hiatus that I stumbled upon the idea of a book trailer while perusing an author’s webpage.  After a short internet search, I found, a website devoted to providing space for authors to post what Vabbler calls a Book Video Trailer.  In essence, a book trailer is a short video produced by the author that can be a compilation of still photographs or an actual video that captures the summary of their novel, sort of like a movie trailer that we see before the actual film starts.  Vabbler isn’t the only website that hosts this kind of option for authors, however it is the first site I found where I was able to look at many examples of authors who have come up with some pretty creative book trailers.  You don’t have to be a filmmaker or professional photographer to put one together.  It can actually be as simple as putting together a PowerPoint of photos to music. 

How can you use it to promote your book?  Post it to your author webpage for starters. Circulate it on Facebook, You Tube, She Writes, and hosting sites like Vabbler.Com.  I have an idea to have it shown at a local bookstore prior to my book reading arrival or to bring it with me to screen it for those that show up for my reading.  This is an idea that can go in many directions.

Not only do I think this is a fantastic idea to promote writing, it can get an author involved in the writing in ways that can take away the post writing blues, the blues that comes over not hearing back from publishers and/or agents right away, or maybe not at all.  A book trailer can be a fun project, and it’s an excellent way to get your work noticed. 

If you are digitally challenged, check to see if there is a local cable programming station in your city or town.  Most have free workshops & classes for residents that teach you the basics of video editing, how to use a video camera, or in the least, you can meet others that are technically savvy that might be willing to help you with your book trailer project.  Community colleges & university extension programs at universities also offer low cost, short digital video classes that can show you the ropes.  And who knows? You may discover the inner filmmaker or photographer within, opening up a whole new creative outlet.     

Want to learn more? Start with the Vabbler link located under the Writing Resources section to the right of my blog.

Book trailers aren’t a new idea, but something we as authors may need to consider as publishers want us to become more involved with promoting our novels.  And if nothing else, the idea of making a book trailer may motivate you to get that novel finished once and for all!


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