How It All Started

Novelist.  Filmmaker.

MFA in Creative Writing, Antioch University.

I decided to start a blog as I make the leap into being published.  This is a public chronicle of my writing journey.  As time passes, and the blog grows, I am hoping it will evolve into a good writers’ resource, especially for those writers out there who are determined to write no matter the odds.  In the words of the great galactic captain Han Solo, Don’t tell me the odds.

It is a new world for the writer.  Print vs. E-publishing?  Or both?  The thing I have learned as I begin my writing career is to look at it as an adventure. Experiment, network, and have fun!  If I can’t have fun and be excited about the journey, then I need to look for another career.

To blog is to be social.  It is my hopes to meet other writers, dialogue, and to be exposed to new writing.  Welcome and feel free to drop in even if its just to share your journey…

A. L. Radcliffe

Tags: Sci-fi lover. Writer. Anthropologist. Joseph Campbell.

  1. Hey, I’m friends with Adamn Breckenridge and he mentioned you. And I’m trying the e-book self publish thing to. Want to compare notes? – David

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