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Re-Invention: The Path to Publication

I’ve decided to go bold.  Bold is the path to re-invention for the writer in the 21st century.

When I look back at my former blog, as I mentioned earlier, I had over 600 visitors in the first five months.  And after I stopped writing, over 300 more made a pit stop.  Over 900.  Hmm…  Then I thought to myself, if that many people eyeballed and possibly read some of the pages within my blog, what would happen if I actually had a book accessible for them to read?  Let’s just say an E-book.  If only a quarter of that number actually purchased my e-publication, not only would my moderate confidence have escalated, not only would I have made a little money, my writing would be out in the world, and maybe those individuals would come back for more. 

I admit, the agent query process has been daunting. Just receiving a few “we didn’t have time to look at your proposal” notes doesn’t do much for my motivation level, especially on the tail end of a recession. Now that my life has settled in, I intend to continue to query my first novel with more of a vengeance.  However, inspiration still burns and I don’t want to lose that. I have a second novel in progress that I could challenge myself to finish in a short period of time.  In addition to the second novel, I have about 6-7 more novels already in my brain waiting to pour forth.  Plenty of material (I am thankful that I’m very lucky in that department. My only problem has been finding the time to write it all down).  In the past few days, I’ve read a few good stories about writers like me who were becoming hopeless in sending out query after query, waiting and waiting for one little acknowledgment, a waiting that can age the hope of even the most determined writer.  These few writers decided to chuck the query, and say hello to the Matrix, transforming their masterpiece into an E-book.  And to the tune of Amanda Hockings, within two years, her ability to market herself invited over a million dollars before finally getting her first publication deal.

After reading her story, I thought hard, but not long.  I thought about the number of visitors to my blog.   My heart began to beat a little faster. The notion of taking my destiny into my own hands lit a fire I have not been able to contain.  An E-book?    

But let me say this first.  I am a stern advocate for books in print.  That is the ultimate goal.  There is a reverence I have for books, an immortal magical quality about the printed word.  During these times, people flock to get their hands on gold.  But the priceless commodity in my world are words I can touch with my eyes on the page.  I will be the Joan of Arc defending the immortality of the printed word. 

However, I have decided to go bold.  I’m going to publish my first E-book. No, I’m not selling out to the new world order.  I look at it as paving yet another path to print.   I have more time than ever right now to write, and my blood screams to seize the moment.

For any of you writers out there who are now feeling a bit of query rebellion, check out Amanda Hockings story:

My deadline to e-publish: May 1st.

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