The Vault


The Vault has been created on my sidebar to hold most of the blog writings in separate categories.  I may add other categories as time passes. Here I wanted to let you know what’s inside.


These are writings that will chronicle my week to week progress on any recent projects.


This will be the ‘medicine cabinet’ for writers.  Here I will write about the deeper side of the writing experience, the angst, the depression, feeling stuck, balancing writing and living.  Conquering the inner world.  There are many blogs that offer resources and general anecdotes about writing, and I think many of those blogs are great. But I haven’t found too many writers that tackle the day to day, sometimes arduous task of living a writers’ life. 

Whether one is published or the novice, we are all affected by the world around us.  We all have to juggle the monumental uncertainty of life events, whether it be personal or global.  Many of us, like myself, are determined to hold on to our fidelity as writers through this great time of change.  Thus, I decided to dedicate a section of the blog that will offer my own thoughts, advice I’ve been given, or my own feelings about how the world affects living a creative life.

I didn’t get my MFA in Creative Writing to become a writer.  I worked for that piece of paper to teach writing and hoping to inspire other writers.


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